Excellence in Supervision Award (ESA)

The Excellence in Supervision Award was established by Breining Institute to recognize alcohol and other drug (AOD) and substance use disorder (SUD) treatment and education programs that have demonstrated ongoing commitment to standards of excellence in clinical supervision.

This national award is given to recognize exemplary commitment to quality supervision by award-winning agencies, and to encourage other agencies to likewise “raise the bar” for quality and competent clinical supervision.



Joint application from agency and at least one supervisor:

including, hospitals, in- and out-patient treatment agencies, medication-assisted treatment programs, DUI programs, etc., that has been engaged in addiction counseling / treatment field for at least 3 years, and

including those with certification or licensure as addiction counselors or clinical supervisors, registered nurses, social workers, masters degree-level family therapists, etc., who have been with applying agency for at least one year.



There will be up to $10,000 awarded each year:

Five $1,000 awards on May 1

Five $1,000 awards on November 1

Each $1,000 award will be made to the applying agency or the applying supervisor from that agency.



Select this link for the ESA Application
There is NO Application fee.


Complete application must be received by Breining Institute by September 9, 2016 to be considered for the November 1 awards

Award-winning agencies and/or its supervisors will be paid $1,000 without deduction or withholding, and are responsible for their respective tax liabilities, if any. Breining Institute shall comply with its responsibility of reporting the awards to the IRS, but will not withhold or deduct any portion of the awards.


ESA Award Recipients

We are pleased to recognize the individuals and agencies named below as recipients of the nationally-awarded Excellence in Supervision Award (ESA), a distinguished group of individuals and agencies from Alaska, California, Florida, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Washington D.C.

ESA Award Recipients: NOVEMBER 2015

ESA Pics Nov 2015 1510221125 Truxtun.001 600

Cindy Engel, M-RAS, LCSW
Clinical Program Manager
Brand New Day / Truxtun Psychiatric Medical Group

Cindy Engel earned her Master of Social Work (MSW) from California State University, Bakersfield, is a Breining Institute-certified Masters Level – Registered Addiction Specialist (M-RAS), and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Ms. Engel has served as Clinical Program Manager for Brand New Day / Truxtun Psychiatric Medical Group for six years.

Ms. Engel has eighteen years experience in the field of working with adolescents, families and adults suffering from addiction, grief / loss, codependency, PTSD and eating disorders, and in her role at Truxtun, she oversees interns’ clinical experiential hours, provider relations, collaboration with the local County government, as well as individual psychotherapy.

Since 2000, Brand New Day has been providing services under a Medicare Contract to the Severely & Persistently Mentally Ill (SPMI) population, with about 60% of its members have a co-occurring substance abuse diagnoses, and provides care to over 3,000 members.

Brand New Day / Truxtun Psychiatric Medical Group operations and staff are located in California, and include Cindy Engel, LCSW, FSAP, EMDR Trained, M-RAS; Daniela Perez, Lifecoach; Nastasia Santoyo MFT Intern, Lifecoach, RASi; Erika Martin, Receptionist, Activities Coordinator; Wendy Clason, Masters student intern, Lifecoach; Jeff Davis, CEO, Universal Healthcare Brand New Day; Neil Kitchen, BS, Lifecoach; Debra Martin, MS, MFT Intern, RASi, Lifecoach; Dr. Robert Myers, Clinical Psychologist, Vice President, Behavioral Health Brand New Day; Isabel Alaniz, Lifecoach.

Truxtun provides a supportive environment providing evidence-based care to not only treat its clients’ mental illness and substance abuse conditions, but to also provide skills training and incentives to enable its members to attain a sustainable level of wellness that then leads to successful integration within their communities.

In order to attain its recognized level of success, Truxtun relies on a well trained, dedicated professional staff including AOD counselors. Its counselors use their clinical skills as well as their compassion and persistence to help members in making responsible choices and taking the steps to recover from their mental illness as well as their alcohol and/or drug dependence. Truxtun management believes that professional supervision is a key component to equipping and guiding the treatment team members to use their skills and personal commitment to facilitate growth and change.

ESA Pics Nov 2015 1510220830.001 600

Mickey Kay Troxell, RAS, CATC II, CEAC II
Executive Director
Pegasus ECT

Mickey Kay Troxell has earned the Registered Addiction Specialist (RAS) Credential from Breining Institute; the Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor Level II (CATC II) from California Association for Alcohol / Drug Educators (CAADE); and the Certified Equine Assisted Counselor II (CEAC II) credentials from the National Association of Certified Professionals of Equine Therapy (NACPET).

With over twenty years experience in the profession of addiction counseling, Ms. Troxell has provided Addiction Counseling specializing in Women’s Issues, Fears, and Spirituality as they relate to addiction, as well as Equine Assisted Counseling to Treatment Centers, individuals, groups and families, and has expressed that the Excellence in Supervision Award recognition is an “honor bestowed upon our organization held in high regard.”

Pegasus operations and staff are located in California and Tennessee, and include Mickey Kay Troxell, RAS, CATC II, CEAC II, Chief Executive Officer; David J. Pugh, CGRSSenior Vice-President of Operations; TeJay Brune, BA, CEACA, Program Director, Behavioral Health Professional Associate; Kara Weinraub, CES, Perelli Natural Horsemanship Trainer; Janel Gunter, CES, CEACA, Equine Specialist / Behavioral Health Professional Associate ; Melissa Clay, BA, Equine Specialist, Executive Assistant; Kim Clifton, Equine Specialist; Jessica Mathon, LMFT, Equine Specialist / Mental Health Professional; Jennifer Schilling, LPCC, Mental Health Professional; Robyn LeAnn, CES II, CEACA, Director of Equine Services / Behavioral Health Professional Associate; Deborah Levine, LCSW, Clinical Director, Equine Specialist / Mental Health Professional; and Cori M. Charm, LMFT, CEAT, Mental Health Professional.

It has been the goal at Pegasus ECT (Experiential Counseling Techniques) to provide an inter-operational environment which meets high standards in the area of supervision. Steps Ms. Troxell has taken to attain this goal include: regular communication between all staff members, by providing quarterly in-person or tele-conference meetings, daily email and telephone communication to de-brief following each session, yearly training on: ethics, referral, crisis intervention, client safety and education on current empirical studies and findings in the field of addictions treatment. Each professional within the Pegasus organization is required to hold current knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively perform their role as a mental health professional / addictions treatment provider. With the ever-changing environment of the treatment field, Ms. Troxell maintains an opinion that it is continually important to seek ways to improve supervision and support professional growth.

In the specialized arena in which Pegasus ECT operates its experiential counseling sessions with the assistance of horses, Ms. Troxell additionally provides supervision maintaining knowledge on animal studies and the use of horses in a therapeutic setting. Pegasus staff consists of many professionals, and each presents a unique set of skills acquired by participating in continued learning opportunities. Training programs completed by Pegasus staff include Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA), Intervention Training, experiential supervision activities for increasing self-awareness, and specialized Pegasus Equine Assisted Counseling Level 1 & 2 Training events.

Recent ESA Award Recipients

ESA Recipients.001 600

MAY 2015

Gail Echeverria, RAS II, CSC
Clinical Supervisor
Broadway Treatment Center

Lori Carter-Runyon, RAS II, CSC, MATC, FAC, CCDS, CATC
Executive Director
Hilltop Recovery Services

Don Faris, RAS, CSC, CATC
Clinical Director
Impact Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Thurman Chambers
Executive Director
Panama City Rescue Mission

Annalisa Mitchell, M-RAS, CSC, FAC, CCDS, CATC
DUI Counselor
Sun Street Centers


Lori Phelps, PsyD
Executive Director
California Association for Alcohol / Drug Educators

Jessica Apfel, PsyD, RAS
Director of Clinical Training
Anka Behavoiral Health, Inc.

Rev. Dale Hartman, CSC, CCDS
Director of Programs
Modesto Gospel Mission

Cherri E. Neal-Kneel, MCA, CSC
A Neal-Kneeling Solution

Sunny Langley, RAS, CSC, CCDS
Executive Director
Pacific Harbor Treatment

James R. Nicolis, RAS III
Milieu Supervisor
Wolfe Center


Kevin E. Gibson, RAS, CSC, FAC
Program Manager
Comprehensive Addiction Programs, Inc.

Darwin Neidlinger, M-RAS, CSC
Supervising Behavioral Health Specialist
Riverside County Department of Mental Health

Shelby E. Riley, RAS II, CSC, CWTS, CCDS
Director of Training and Program Development
San Joaquin Safety Council

Jennifer Carvalho
Executive Director
Skyway House

Tisha Aronsen, RAS, CSC
Senior Coordinator
Sober Community School

Almustapheal Al-Kahlil-Bey, M-RAS, MCA
Clinical Director
Gospel Rescue Ministries

Brian Jackson, Dr.AD
Clinical Director / Supervisor
Greenfield Center

Ronald Austin, MS, MFT
Clinical Director
Healthy Partnerships, Inc.

Kenneth R. Seeley, RAS
Intervention 911

Olga Skarlato, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Total Family Support Clinic


Ricky Lee Briggs, M-RAS, CSC
Discipleship Recovery Director
Cityteam International

John Fulan, M-RAS
Clinical Supervisor
Mental Health Systems

Mary Hubbard, M-RAS, CSC
MARSTE Training Services

Marita Ann Lawler, M-RAS, CSC
Lawler Consulting LLC

Aretha M. Thompson, CSC
Manager, DUI Program
Sun Street Centers

Alan L. Daniel, CSC
Clinical Supervisor
Urban Alternative Solutions

Merna Leisure-Eppick, CSC
President and CEO
Sigma House of Springfield

Rev. Jasper W. Hemphill, CSC
Director of Operations
Olive Hill CEDC

Teri Kerns, CSC
OHS Driving Under the Influence Programs

Liz McClatchy
Executive Director
Safety Center, Inc.