Higher Education

Continuing Education for healthcare professionals

Breining Institute offers only Continuing Education courses which do not lead to a degree or diploma, and which are not designed to lead to employment.

Nationally-approved education provider

Breining Institute offers an extensive library of online Continuing Education (CE) courses, which are intended for already licensed or certified professionals in healthcare. Here is a link to our online CE page: Online Continuing Education (CE)

We have earned formal approved education provider status from agencies located throughout the United States, including the nationally-recognized NAADAC – The Association for Addiction Professionals, Provider No. 81727 (NAADAC Approval); The Florida Certification Board (FCB Approval); California CADTP, Provider No. 161 (CADTP Approval); California Association for Drug/Alcohol Educators, Provider No. CP40 956 AH 0725 (CAADE Approval).

Higher Education college courses approved 1986 to 2022

Breining Institute, with its main campus located in California, was first approved as a provider of higher education by the State of California Department of Education in 1986.

For over 35 years, we offered higher education programs – including Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate (Dr.AD) Degrees in Addictive Disorders programs, and our 45-unit (450 hour) Addiction Studies Certificate (ASC) program – which were approved by various State of California education program oversight agencies, with graduated students located throughout the United States.

We discontinued offering our degree programs in 2017, and discontinued offering our ASC certificate program in 2022.

Students who previously earned degrees or diplomas may still request and obtain Official Transcripts by using the form at this link: Transcript Request Form

If an original diploma has been lost or destroyed, students may request a Replacement Diploma, by using the form at this link: Replacement Diploma Request