The MAT Counselor: Handbook

You may use the following citation for this publication:
Breining Institute. (2010). The MAT Counselor: Handbook for Certification of Counselors working in a Medication-Assisted Treatment Setting. Orangevale, California: Breining Institute.


Section I: Foundation

  1. A Primer on Opioid Addiction and Treatment
  2. History of Opioids
  3. History of Opioid Treatment
  4. The Science and Rationale for Opiate Agonist Treatment
  5. Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy
  6. Screening, Admission Assessment, and Admission
  7. The Behavioral Pharmacology of Methadone: The Easy-to-Understand Version

Section II: Counseling and Referral

  1. Introduction to Counseling and Referral in MAT
  2. Counseling Services in MAT Programs: A Practitioner’s Model
  3. Introduction to Phases of Treatment in MAT
  4. Stages in Medication-Assisted Treatment: From a Counseling Perspective
  5. Counseling Issues in Methadone Maintenance Treatment
  6. Take Home Medication

Section III: Special Populations

  1. Co-occurring Mental Health Issues
  2. Working with People with Disabilities
  3. Methadone and Pregnancy

Section IV: Effectiveness of OMT

  1. Opioid Maintenance Treatment
  2. Effectiveness of Methadone as a Medical Treatment for Opioid Addiction
  3. Effectiveness of Methadone Treatment: A Review of Outcomes

Section V: Ethics

  1. Ethical Considerations in MAT


Glossary of Terms (from TIP 43)