The Forensic Counselor: Training Manual

You may use the following citation for this publication:
Breining Institute. (2011). The Forensic Counselor: Training Manual for Addiction Counselor Competency in a Forensic Treatment Setting. Orangevale, California: Breining Institute.


Section I: Contextual Information

  1. The Correlation between Substance Abuse and Crime
  2. Financial Cost of Addictive Disorders
  3. The Mental Health Industry’s Treatment of Addictive Disorders
  4. Introduction to the Central Nervous System
  5. Genetic Predisposition to Addictive Disorders

Section II: Screening and Assessment

  1. Screening and Assessment
  2. Therapeutic Community

Section III: Treatment Approaches

  1. Treatment Issues and Approaches
  2. Building a Therapeutic Alliance
  3. Treatment Planning

Section IV: Special Forensic Issues

  1. Trauma and Domestic Violence
  2. Anger Management
  3. Parenting from a Distance
  4. Methamphetamine, Porn and Parole
  5. Formatting Assessment Reports for the Legal System
  6. Ethics, Laws and Boundaries


Appendix A. Training Resources
Appendix B. Glossary of Terms