The Addiction Professional, 4th Ed (2022)

You may use the following citation for this publication:
Breining Institute. (2022). The Addiction Professional: Manual for Counselor Competency (4th Ed.). Orangevale, California: Breining Institute.


Section One: Understanding Addiction
Chapter 1. A Primer on Addiction Medicine and the Recovery Movement
Chapter 2. Programs and Approaches
Chapter 3. Family Roles and Systems
Chapter 4. Human Development and Behavior
Chapter 5. Cultural and Lifestyle Differences / Special Populations

Section Two: Treatment Knowledge
Chapter 6. Community Prevention and Education
Chapter 7. Intervention and Referral
Chapter 8. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)
Chapter 9. The Twelve Steps in Psychotherapy
Chapter 10. The Disease of Addiction / DSM 5
Chapter 11. The Physiology and Pharmacology of Addiction / PTSD
Chapter 12. Illicit Drug Use and Abuse
Chapter 13. Medical Treatment and Holistic Approaches to Recovery
Chapter 14. Medication-Assisted Treatment
Chapter 15. Relapse Prevention

Section Three: Application to Practice
Chapter 16. FAS / Hepatitis / AIDS / HIV / Communicable Diseases
Chapter 17. Smoking and Nicotine Addictions
Chapter 18. Eating Disorders
Chapter 19. Gambling Disorders
Chapter 20. Sexual Addiction
Chapter 21. Codependency
Chapter 22. Internet Addiction
Chapter 23. Co-occurring Disorders / Dual Diagnosis

Section Four: Professional Readiness
Chapter 24. The Role and Responsibility of the Counselor
Chapter 25. Individual Counseling
Chapter 26. Group Counseling
Chapter 27. Family and Couples Counseling
Chapter 28. Adolescent Counseling
Chapter 29. Personal Growth for the Counselor
Chapter 30. Professional Growth and Counselor Burn Out
Chapter 31. Relapse
Chapter 32. Therapeutic Counseling Approaches
Chapter 33. Assertiveness for the Counselor
Chapter 34. Laws, Ethics and Confidentiality
Chapter 35. Prevention of Sexual Harassment
Chapter 36. Introduction to Clinical Supervisor / Management Competency

Section Five: Counselor Competencies
Chapter 37. Standards for Counselor Competency