Medication-Assisted Treatment Counselor (MATC)

Breining Institute credentials are held by addiction professionals in 47 U.S. States and 14 countries.


3 years general AOD/SUD experience, and
1 year medication=assisted treatment counseling experience (may be included in general AOD/SUD experience).

“Test-in” Option
You may “test-in” by passing comprehensive MATC Exam. Exam and Answer Sheet are both available online. You must pass the exam with at least 70% correct answers. Exam fee is $79 (no charge until you pass the exam). Exam is based upon the material contained within The MAT Counselor: Handbook for Certification of Counselors working in a Medication-Assisted Treatment Setting (may be ordered through Breining Bookstore).

40-hour Education Course
Complete the 40-hour online MATC Course, and the Exam is waived. Based upon The MAT Counselorthe acclaimed training handbook written by some of the foremost authorities in medication-assisted treatment programs from throughout the United States, the 40-hour MAT Counselor Education Course may be completed entirely on-line

MATC Application
No application fee.
No membership dues.
Renewal is every 2 years.

40-hour online MATC Course (successful completion waives exam)
MATC Exam Questions (use only if you are using the “test-in” option)
MATC Answer Sheet (use only if you are using the “test-in” option)
MATC Application (must be submitted by all candidates)