CV-1215: CFR 42, HIPAA and Confidentiality of Client Records


Professor Dave Abramson, MPA*

Guest Instructor, Breining Institute

Vice President, Grant Writing Services, Inc.



CV-1215: CFR 42, HIPAA and Confidentiality of Client Records
Confidentiality of client information and records that includes overview of Title 42 Code of Federal Regulations Part 2 (also known as “CFR 42”), overview of Heath Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (also known as “HIPAA”), overlap of CFR 42 and HIPAA, discussion of penalties for violation of confidentiality laws, and conditions for the proper disclosure of client information.

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*Professor Dave Abramson originally presented this course in 2010 to a classroom full of students at the Breining Institute campus in Sacramento, California. It was a well attended and well-received class, and the presentation received some of the most positive after-class comments and evaluations from students that we have ever seen.

Since that time, Mr. Abramson passed away in 2016 after a lengthy battle with cancer.  The principles and excellent information presented by Mr. Abramson regarding CFR 42, HIPAA and how to maintain the confidentiality of client records remain relevant and instructive to healthcare professionals, especially with the emergence of telehealth and remote counseling as service delivery methods in the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in 2020.

We are pleased to continue to make the videos of Professor Abramson’s lecture presentation available to AOD/SUD counselor professionals at no cost. (There is only a cost if the student wants to be awarded professional CE credit for watching the course videos.)