CE Completion Verification

CE Course Completion Certificates

Individuals who complete Breining Institute Continuing Education (CE) courses are automatically sent Completion Certificates by email, which verifies course completion.

The CE Completion Certificate identifies the course number, course title, summary of the course content, date completed, how many CE credit hours have been awarded, and the name of the student given credit for the course. The CE Completion Certificate will also have an Authenticity stamp and signature of the Dean of Students, or a complex background with a Unique Validation Number (UVN).


Breining does not maintain hard copies of CE Completion Certificates.

When professional counselors renew certifications issued by Breining Institute, Breining conducts, at no charge to the counselor, an electronic internal verification of CE Courses completed with Breining.

If an individual who has completed Breining CE courses would like subsequent verification of completed Breining CE courses (in addition to the CE Completion Certificates that were initially sent when the CE course was first completed), Breining will conduct an electronic search going back two years from the date the Request for CE Verification form and $75 processing fee payment has been received by Breining.

Please note that this search will be limited to CE courses completed using online Answer Sheets, which are submitted electronically, and will not include CE courses submitted by postal mail or facsimile or some other non-electronic submission.

Request for CE Verification

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Request for Verification of CE Course Completion

I hereby request Breining conduct an electronic search of Breining Institute continuing education (CE) courses that I have completed in previous two years from the date I am submitting this request. I understand that Breining will conduct the search, and will provide me with the results of that search, which will be limited to verification of CE courses of which Breining has electronic records.

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