ANSWER SHEET for 15-hr CE Bundles


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Section 1: Student Information
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Complete Your Answers

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You will only need to answer the first nine (9) questions that are included in the Course Material and Exam Questions packet to receive full credit for the course.

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Course Evaluation

Did the course cover the content you were expecting?
Briefly, in your opinion, what is the most valuable information that this course provides to professional AOD/SUD counselors?
Course Structure and Content
Rate the relevance of the subject matter presented.
Rate the overall value of the information presented in this course.
Overall Experience
Based on this experience, would you take another online course on this subject?
Rate your overall experience of taking this online course.
Do you have any other comments or suggestions about this course?
How long have you been providing professional AOD/SUD counseling services, or have been in the healthcare profession?

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