General Practice CE Courses

Breining Institute offers these online Continuing Education (CE) Courses as separate courses. Each course that you complete will earn you 3 hours of CE Credit.

3 steps to complete each Course:

  1. READ and study the Course Material and Course Questions.
  2. ANSWER the Course Questions using the online “Answer Sheet” link. If you answer at least 70% of the questions correctly, you will be directed to the credit card payment information page ($23 to be emailed a course completion certificate).
  3. PRINT the completion certificate that is automatically emailed to you.

Course Material

These courses are based upon selected chapters contained within the recently updated Breining Institute textbook, The Addiction Professional: Manual for Counselor Competency, 4th Edition (2022).

The Addiction Professional is only available in electronic PDF format. You may order and download the specific Chapters of the Manual by selecting the appropriate link to the course(s) you will be completing.

Here are links to the sections of The Addiction Professional textbook upon which these CE courses are based:

General Practice Areas

These courses are grouped into five General Practice Areas (GPA) – Understanding Addiction, Treatment Knowledge, Application to Practice, Professional Readiness, and Practice Dimensions – which are identified within the SAMHSA Technical Assistance Publication (TAP) Series 21, Addiction Counseling Competencies: The Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes of Professional Practice, also known as the “TAP 21 Counselor Competencies.”


Course No.Course Title, Exam Questions (free download)Answer SheetChapterCE HoursPrice


MAPI-2501Addiction Medicine and the Recovery MovementMAPI-2501 Answer Sheet13.0$23
MAPI-2502Programs and ApproachesMAPI-2502 Answer Sheet23.0$23
MAPI-2503Family Roles and SystemsMAPI-2503 Answer Sheet33.0$23
MAPI-2504Human Development and BehaviorMAPI-2504 Answer Sheet43.0$23
MAPI-2505Cultural and Lifestyle Differences / Special PopulationsMAPI-2505 Answer Sheet53.0$23


MAPI-2506Community Prevention and EducationMAPI-2506 Answer Sheet63.0$23
MAPI-2507Intervention and ReferralMAPI-2507 Answer Sheet73.0$23
MAPI-2508Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)MAPI-2508 Answer Sheet83.0$23
MAPI-2509The Twelve Steps in PsychotherapyMAPI-2509 Answer Sheet93.0$23
MAPI-2510The Disease of Addiction / DSM 5MAPI-2510 Answer Sheet103.0$23
MAPI-2511The Physiology and Pharmacology of Addiction / PTSDMAPI-2511 Answer Sheet113.0$23
MAPI-2512Illicit Drug Use and AbuseMAPI-2512 Answer Sheet123.0$23
MAPI-2513Medical Treatment and Holistic Approaches to RecoveryMAPI-2513 Answer Sheet133.0$23
MAPI-2514Medication-Assisted TreatmentMAPI-2514 Answer Sheet143.0$23
MAPI-2515Relapse PreventionMAPI-2515 Answer Sheet153.0$23


MAPI-2516FAS / Hepatitis / AIDS / HIV / Communicable DiseasesMAPI-2516 Answer Sheet163.0$23
MAPI-2517Smoking and Nicotine AddictionsMAPI-2517 Answer Sheet173.0$23
MAPI-2518Eating DisordersMAPI-2518 Answer Sheet183.0$23
MAPI-2519Gambling DisordersMAPI-2519 Answer Sheet193.0$23
MAPI-2520Sexual AddictionMAPI-2520 Answer Sheet203.0$23
MAPI-2521CodependencyMAPI-2521 Answer Sheet213.0$23
MAPI-2522Internet AddictionMAPI-2522 Answer Sheet223.0$23
MAPI-2523Co-occurring Disorders / Dual DiagnosisMAPI-2523 Answer Sheet233.0$23


MAPI-2524The Role and Responsibility of the CounselorMAPI-2524 Answer Sheet243.0$23
MAPI-2525Individual CounselingMAPI-2525 Answer Sheet253.0$23
MAPI-2526Group CounselingMAPI-2526 Answer Sheet263.0$23
MAPI-2527Family and Couples CounselingMAPI-2527 Answer Sheet273.0$23
MAPI-2528Adolescent CounselingMAPI-2528 Answer Sheet283.0$23
MAPI-2529Personal Growth for the CounselorMAPI-2529 Answer Sheet293.0$23
MAPI-2530Professional Growth and Counselor Burn OutMAPI-2530 Answer Sheet303.0$23
MAPI-2531RelapseMAPI-2531 Answer Sheet313.0$23
MAPI-2532Therapeutic Counseling ApproachesMAPI-2532 Answer Sheet323.0$23
MAPI-2533Assertiveness for the CounselorMAPI-2533 Answer Sheet333.0$23
MAPI-2534Laws, Ethics and ConfidentialityMAPI-2534 Answer Sheet343.0$23
MAPI-2535Prevention of Sexual HarassmentMAPI-2535 Answer Sheet353.0$23
MAPI-2536Introduction to Clinical Supervisor / ManagementMAPI-2536 Answer Sheet363.0$23


MAPI-2537Standards for Counselor CompetenciesMAPI-2537 Answer Sheet373.0$23

These are Continuing Education (CE) courses, intended for already licensed or certified professionals in healthcare.

These courses are not considered formal “postsecondary education,” and will not result in the award of formal transcripts, degrees or diplomas.

These courses do not lead to a degree or a diploma in subjects that licensees are required to take solely for the purpose of continued licensure, or to enhance the licensee’s skills and knowledge within their particular profession, occupation, trade, or career field, and are not designed to lead to employment.