College Admissions Exam

Admissions Exam

Breining Institute uses this admissions exam to evaluate an incoming student’s skill level in basic reading, spelling and problem solving. It is anticipated that it should take you less than one hour to complete this exam. If you find that it takes you more than one hour to complete this exam, please call the Breining Institute Admissions office for assistance. You must achieve a passing score of 60% on this examination to be admitted into a Breining Institute program.

This is a multiple choice examination, and there is only one correct answer for each question. Please select the correct answer from the list of four possible answers. You must complete this examination from your own knowledge and without the use of outside references or resources.

Which word is not spelled correctly?
Which word is not spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which is the best definition of \"recovery?\"
A \"lucid\" remark is:
The word \"imminent\" means:
Which of these differs the most from the others?
Square is to circle as cube it to:
If a bus travels one and one-half feet per second, how far will the bus travel in one minute?
Which is the best definition of \"therapy?\"
Which word is spelled correctly?

\”Many relapse prone people believe that recovery is abstinence from alcohol and drug use and that relapse is the use of alcohol and drugs. This leads them to believe that anytime they abstain from alcohol and drugs they are in recovery and anytime they return to alcohol and drug use, they are in relapse. As a result, they come to believe that not using alcohol and drugs is their primary task in recovery.

\”Recovery is not abstinence from alcohol and drug use. Abstinence is only a prerequisite for recovery. The actual recovery process involves completing a series of tasks daily that allow management of acute and post acute withdrawal and the correction of the bio-psycho-social damage caused by the addiction. In other words, recovery is a lot more than simply not using alcohol and drugs.\”

What is the main point of these two paragraphs?
Which of the following is a prerequisite for recovery?
Based on these two paragraphs, which of the following is true?
As used in these paragraphs, the word \"prone\" means:
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