PCS Exam 2020

The Private-practice / Clinical Supervisor (PCS)  Exam was developed, reviewed and validated by nationally-recognized subject matter and psychometric experts to test for the necessary skills and knowledge of an addiction counselor professional.

The PCS Exam includes 50 questions, which you will have 75 minutes to complete.

The Exam includes multiple-choice questions. Read the questions carefully, make sure you understand what the question is asking for, and then select the best answer from the choices given.

Online Exam Instructions

Internet / Web browsers

The PCS PRACTICE EXAM and full PCS Exam have been tested to work with Firefox, Chrome and Safari web browsers, in desktop computers, laptop computers, and mobile devices (such as tablets and phones). If you are unable to start the exam using one of these browsers, please try a different one.

PCS Exam candidates are required to take the PCS PRACTICE EXAM prior to taking the full PCS Exam, in order to make sure that the candidate's computer and browser are able to access and complete the full exam.

You should use the same computer to take both the PCS PRACTICE EXAM and full PCS Exam.

Before starting the exam

Please verify that you have correctly entered your full name, email address, phone number, City, date of birth and Exam ID Number, in the spaces provided below. If you do not correctly enter this information, you may not receive credit for completing the exam. Remember the login information you have entered, in case you are interrupted and need to log back in to access your in-progress exam.

During the exam

By completing this exam, you attest that you are the individual taking the exam, and that you are not receiving help or assistance in taking this exam from any other person. Do not copy or photograph the exam questions or answers, and do not share the questions or answers with any other individual.

You must answer each question before being allowed to proceed to the next question. Once you answer a question and select the "Next" button, you will not be able to return to previous questions.

Timed Exam

Candidates must complete the exam within the time frame allotted for the exam. Candidates should not stop the session and then attempt to return to it, because you may be locked out and will need to pay for the exam again prior to restarting.

The system will "time-out" and not allow you to reenter the exam site once you have exceeded the allotted time to take the exam, unless you login and pay again for the exam.

What to do if your online exam is interrupted

If your online exam is interrupted, click the “Back” button on your web browser to see if you can return to the exam. Note: Answers are saved by the system, so if you need to log back in to complete your exam, your prior answers will remain from the last system-save.

Reconnect to the Internet and log back into to the exam using the same name, email address and phone number that you originally entered.

Exam Results

After you have completed the exam and selected the "Submit" button, or after the allotted time to take the exam has expired, you will be taken to the "Exam Results" page. The Exam Results page will acknowledge the date and time that the PCS Exam was completed.



If you have any questions, please contact the Breining Institute - Credentialing Department, at 916-987-2007, ext. 103, or by email: certification@breining.edu

Good luck!

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