CE Answer Sheet – CADTP Counselors

This Answer Sheet is available exclusively for professional counselors certified by the California Association for DUI Treatment Programs (CADTP).

Use this form to earn CE credit for the monthly Featured CE Course found by selecting the link on the Breining Institute Online Continuing Education (CE) page

3 easy steps to earn 3 hours of CE credit for $5:

  1. READ the free course material for the monthly Featured CE Course
  2. ANSWER the Questions within this CE Answer Sheet – CADTP Counselors form (you do not need to answer the questions included within the Course Material)
  3. Select the SUBMIT button after you have completed all three sections

After we receive and review the Answer Sheet, a CE Completion Certificate will be emailed to you, typically within 3 business days.

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This form is divided into three sections:

1. Student information,
2. CE Course Info and Questions, and
3. Payment information.

Section 1: Student Information
In order to be eligible to use this CE Answer Sheet for CE credit, you must be currently certified by CADTP. Please identify which certification you currently hold with CADTP. Select all that apply.
Input your CADTP certification number. If you do not know it, you may go to the CADTP website at www.cadtp.org and search for it at the "Certified AOD Counselors" link.
If you have earned one or more internationally-awarded credentials from Breining Institute, please select which ones below (select all that apply):
If applicable, please identify professional healthcare license(s) and/or certification(s) that you currently hold with other agencies.

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Section 2: CE Course Info and Questions
Please use this section to identify the CE Course, and to answer the Questions for CE Credit.
Select the CE Course for which you are requesting credit. Only one course must be selected, and it may only be submitted for credit during the month that it is featured.
In your words, what is the main message this course is attempting to convey to the alcohol and other drug / substance use disorder (AOD/SUD) counseling professional? (A few sentences will be acceptable to answer this question.)
Based upon the answer you provided to the previous question, do you generally agree with the main message that this course material is attempting to convey?
In your opinion, how important is the information contained in this course material to AOD/SUD counseling professionals?
How long have you been providing professional AOD/SUD counseling services?

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Section 3: Credit Card and Payment Information
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