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Advanced Credential for the Addiction Professional

    Supervisor Level -
Registered Addiction Specialist (S-RAS)


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The RAS Credential and Breining Institute are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA)



Breining Institute was the
first certification agency accredited and approved
by the State of California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs



The Supervisor Level RAS
(S-RAS) Credential is awarded to RAS professionals who have earned advanced standing with advanced formal education, supervising clinical experience, and passing the multiple-choice S-RAS exam

    Must hold current RAS, RAS II or M-RAS Credential
meet qualifications of either Option 1 or 2, below
Have a total of 450 hours formal education in alcohol and other drug abuse (AOD) studies, AND 10,000 hours (about 5 years full time) clinical experience, which includes 4,000 hours (about 2 years full time) as an AOD supervisor
Degree in the healing arts
or related field, AND 155 hours formal education in alcohol and other drug abuse (AOD) studies (which may be included in the degree program), AND 10,000 hours (about 5 years full time) clinical experience, which includes 4,000 hours (about 2 years full time) as an AOD supervisor
Clinical Experience Substitute
Experience teaching courses in the addictions field may substitute or supplement the clinical experience requirement - 10 hours of clinical experience credited for each 1 hour of teaching
(must have at least 2,080 hours of actual clinical experience)
    Must receive a passing score of 70% or better on the multiple-choice
S-RAS exam

The S-RAS exam is available on-line, any time at Breining Institute's web site
 The exam study material and exam questions are available on-line, any time at no cost
The exam questions are taken from the exam study material provided
You will receive a Certificate of Completion of the S-RAS exam by e-mail immediately upon passing and paying for the exam on-line
The only fee associated with obtaining the S-RAS credential is the S-RAS exam fee
After you pass the S-RAS exam, there are no additional fees to upgrade your RAS to the
S-RAS Credential

payable on-line only after you successfully pass the exam with 70% or more correct answers
No additional renewal fees
Your S-RAS renewal fee is included in the $75 renewal fee every two years for your RAS, RAS II or M-RAS
Six (6) hours of Continuing Education in Clinical Supervision topics must be included in the 40 hours of CE
  You will need to submit the S-RAS Application with your supporting documentation, and pass the S-RAS multiple-choice exam

Select and print the S-RAS Application link below
  S-RAS Application  
Study the S-RAS Exam Material, which includes the exam questions, and
pass the on-line exam by selecting the link to the
S-RAS Exam Answer Sheet.
  S-RAS Exam Material  
  S-RAS Exam Answer Sheet  
  The Completion Certificate will be immediately e-mailed to you upon successfully completing and paying for the exam.
Step 3. APPLY

Send us your completed
S-RAS Application with the required documentation, including a copy of your
S-RAS Exam Completion Certificate.
Once we've received and verified the documentation, your RAS credential will be updated to the S-RAS Credential.
    FAQs (frequently asked questions)    
    Q:  If I have a degree in addiction studies, do I need an ADDITIONAL 450 hours of AOD courses?
A:  No. Your transcripts should show that you have completed the required formal education courses, which may already be included in your degree program.
    Q:  Where can I get the 450 hours of AOD courses?
A:  Most colleges with full, two-year AOD certificate programs will include more than the 450 hours, and will include courses in the "TAP 21" counselor competencies and/or the "Twelve Core Functions" of an addiction counselor. One semester unit is equivalent to 15 hours, and one quarter unit is equivalent to 10 hours. In California, community colleges affiliated with and approved by the California Association for Alcohol/Drug Educators (CAADE) provide 600 hours of applicable coursework within their AOD certificate programs. A list of the CAADE-approved schools can be found at
    Q:  Do "continuing education" courses qualify for the 450 hour formal education requirement?
A:  Generally speaking, no. The qualifying coursework must be obtained from State-approved or regionally-accredited institutions of higher learning, documented by formal transcripts and/or similar certificates of completion issued by the institution, and are generally included within a formal AOD certificate program. While these institutions may also offer courses that satisfy Continuing Education (CE) requirements, CE courses are generally less formal trainings without official transcripts.

Career Track for the RAS Addiction Professional


RAS Registration
RAS Intern
(RASi) status


RAS Credential
Registered Addiction Specialist


RAS II Credential
Advanced Level
RAS II Credential


M-RAS Credential
Masters Level
RAS Credential


S-RAS Credential
Supervisor Level
RAS Credential



Certified Co-occurring Disorders Specialist

Certified Women's
Issues Specialist



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