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Candidates who have successfully completed the requirements summarized below will be recognized as a Registered Addiction Specialist (RAS), and will be listed as such within the The REGISTER of Addiction Specialists, accessible world-wide on the Internet by providers and potential clients.

To achieve recognition as a Registered Addiction Specialist (RAS), the following is required:

    450 hours of specified studies in alcohol and drug abuse, compulsive gambling, eating disorders, smoking and nicotine addiction, codependency, and other addictive disorders from an approved or accredited institution of higher learning;
    2,000 hours of direct clinical experience in one or more of the special fields listed above, including 300 hours of supervised internship in an an approved agency setting where all five task domains are adequately covered;
    Score a passing grade in a written examination that covers the specials skills, knowledge and basic competency required, and score a passing grade in an oral examination that tests the practical knowledge and clinical skills required in the field of addictive disorder specialty;
    An RAS candidate who is or has been a certified or licensed counselor, specialist or therapist by a recognized state or national entity in the field of addictive disorders may apply for the RAS designation without taking the examinations, if that certification or license has been valid and active within the preceding ten years.

Continuing Education
There is a Continuing Education requirement of 30 hours every two years in order to maintain the Registered Specialist designation.

Written and Oral Examinations
The written and oral examinations will be given once every year, during the last week of September, at the Breining Institute Sacramento Campus.  The complete Application must be received in the Breining Institute offices by the June 30 prior to the examination.  For example:

  • June 30 - Application filing due date
  • Last week of September - Written and Oral exams

Prior Certification
Counselors who have met the minimum requirements above, and have been or are currently licensed or certified by a recognized entity, may apply for recognition as an RAS without taking the written or oral examinations.  These counselors may complete and return an Application, Application and Registration fees, and, if qualified, will be listed as a Registered Addiction Specialist.  Counselors who have some, but not all, of the formal education required may substitute some actual work experience to satisfy some of the formal education requirement.

The RAS Application will include transcripts or other proof of formal education completion; a recent photograph; a letter from Applicant's employer attesting to the required experiential 2000 hours of the Applicant (or, if self-employed, a letter from a colleague); and the applicable Application and Registration fees.

Application Fee: $75 (one time fee)
Registration Fee: $75 (good for two years)
Renewal Fee: $75
Examination Fee: $150 (includes written and oral exams)

Information and RAS Application Packet
To receive the Application Packet, contact:

The REGISTER of Addiction Specialists
8880 Greenback Lane
Orangevale, California USA 95662-4019
Telephone (916) 987-2002
Facsimile (916) 987-8823
Web site:

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