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  Doctor in Addictive Disorders (Dr.AD)
80-unit, Self-Paced, Distance Learning, Graduate Degree program.

     Breining Institute has provided higher education and advanced training to addiction professionals since 1986.


Applications for these degree programs for the 2014-15 academic year will be accepted and must be received by Breining Institute between July 1 and August 31, 2014.
We will make acceptance determinations and send out enrollment agreements to accepted candidates during September 2014.
Instruction for the 2014-15 Academic Year degree programs will commence in October 2014.

NOTE: The FAST TRACK and Addiction Studies Certificate programs are not subject to the enrollment deadlines above. You may apply at any time for these programs.

Breining Institute was first approved to offer addiction education courses in 1986 by the State of California Board of Education, and, after a comprehensive review by the BPPVE, our most current institutional approval is from the
State of California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) to offer
certificate and degree programs.
BPPE-required statement:
"Approval" means "compliance with state standards as set forth in the Education Code." Cal. Ed. Code section 94897(l)


The NAADAC National Certification Commission has approved the eligibility of the Breining Institute Masters and Doctorate degrees as qualifying degrees for eligibility to take the examination to earn NAADAC's
MAC credential.

Doctorate (Dr.AD) Degree Program
This Doctorate degree program requires the completion of 80 graduate units.
You must have already completed / hold a Masters degree in the healing arts from an approved or accredited institution of higher learning
(subject to review and acceptance of transcripts from other colleges)
Completion of this degree program leads to the
Doctor in Addictive Disorders (Dr.AD)
This program is self-paced, may be completed entirely through Distance Learning
If you spend 10 hrs/week on your work, you should be able to finish the
80 units of graduate coursework in about 2 years
Required Courses
4801: Genetic Predisposition to Addictive Disorders - 10 units
4802: Co-dependency Issues among Health Care Professionals - 10 units

Elective Courses (must complete 60 elective units, including Dissertation)
At the Doctorate level, the remaining course topics are elective.
The student may select one of the suggested topics listed below, or suggest different topics and submit outlines for review and approval prior to commencing work on the paper.

4803: Societal Co-dependency and Enabling Issues - 10 units
4804: The Politics of Perpetuating Addictive Disorders - 10 units
4806: Treatment Approaches in Foreign Countries - 10 units
4807: The Financial Rewards and Losses of Addictive Disorders - 10 units
4999: Doctoral Dissertation - 20 units
As this graduate program is based upon research and writing of papers,
there are no particular textbooks assigned.
For examples of papers written to satisfy these graduate courses,
please refer to the articles contained within the
Breining Institute Journal of Addictive Disorders:
Journal of Addictive Disorders
Exceptional papers submitted by graduate students for their coursework
will be considered for publication within the Journal of Addictive Disorders.
  Tuition / Fees  
80 units of Graduate courses
$145 / unit
$11,600 Tuition

Application fee $75

California tuition fee (STRF) $6

4801: 10 units - $1,450
4802: 10 units - $1,450
Elective: 10 units - $1,450
Elective: 10 units - $1,450
Elective: 10 units - $1,450
Elective: 10 units - $1,450
Dissertation: 20 units - $2,900

  Get Started  
1. Send us your Application for Admission. Here is a link to the Application:
  Application for Admission  
  2. When we accept you, we will send you an Enrollment Agreement, which you will sign and return to us.

3. We will then send you the Orientation Packet with the guidelines for submitting your papers.

4. You may work at your own pace, fast or slow. Turn in your paper for each course when you complete the work, and then you may get started on your next paper.

Call us at 916-987-2007

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