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    Certified Alcohol and Other Drug Counselor (CAODC):
Credential for the DUI Program Professional


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The CAODC Credential - which is a nationally-accredited certification - is issued by the California Association of Drinking Driver Treatment Programs
CADDTP is the premier DDP-programs membership organization that seeks to promote understanding and improvement of the state-licensed driving-under-the-influence education and counseling programs in California
The CAODC certificate from CADDTP demonstrates a commitment to maintaining the highest standards in professional DUI and other AOD treatment programs.



The CAODC certification issued by CADDTP relies upon the RAS exam as its testing criteria.
The RAS exam is a
multiple-choice exam
administered five-days-a-week at over 150 test centers throughout the United States
You will receive your test results immediately upon finishing the exam

Included in the exam fee is a comprehensive study guide
The Addiction Professional:

Manual for Counselor Competency

that contains all of the information that may be asked on the exam
A free on-line tutorial, prepared by Breining Institute, that follows the study guide, chapter-by-chapter, is also available to help you prepare for the exam

On-line Tutorial

Additional information about the CADDTP and CAODC certification can be found at the link below:
  CADDTP Information  
  Applicants for the CAODC certification must be registered with CADDTP. The registration form must be submitted together with a signed Code of Ethics.
  CADDTP Registration  
  CADDTP Code of Ethics  
Whenever you qualify to take the exam, complete the "Exam Application" and send it to CADDTP
  CAODC Exam Application  
Once Breining Institute receives the approved "Exam Application" from CADDTP, Breining Institute will send you the comprehensive study guide.
Whenever you are ready, schedule and take the multiple-choice exam.
After you pass the exam
Contact CADDTP with your test results to complete the process for your CAODC certification.


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